Thursday, February 27, 2003

Norman Mailer: Gaining an empire, losing democracy?
Iraq is an excuse - Finding Trouble in U.S.
A Day After He Was Fired, Phil Donahue Strikes Back at MSNBC - from Tampa Bay Online
Sunshine Patriot - Tom DeLay and the party of appeasement. By William Saletan
Bush Caught on Film
Barry Crimmins gets the call:

Two years into the court-appointed Bush administration's destruction of our way of life and the first call I received from NPR was a request to belittle Democrats. Ostensibly they wanted me to make fun of the fact that the field of candidates had grown very quickly in recent weeks. That's right; NPR was soliciting me to satirize democracy for showing signs of vibrancy. And so this young producer tried to steer me that way. She started by mentioning the size of the Democratic field and then asked, "Do you think any of them has the stature to take on George W. Bush?"

This is a test. This is the first post on what I might start using as my emergency weblog.