Sunday, December 14, 2003


Hesiod Theogeny (of Counterspin Central) e-mails:

Check out what someon e-mailed me. It's from Marc Racicot.
Subject: Action Alert! President Bush's grassroots vs. liberal billionaires.

December 10, 2003


Our Campaign Manager, Ken Mehlman, recently wrote you about the vicious personal attacks Democrat Presidential candidates are making on President Bush.

Now comes news from a Wall Street Journal investigative report that wealthy liberals "have plotted ways around the campaign finance law" to funnel millions in illegal soft money donations "to finance get-out-the-vote efforts and ads slamming Mr. Bush and Republicans."

Of course, there is nothing illegal about what "wealthy liberals" are doing, and naturally this letter doesn't mention that wealthy conservatives have been doing it for decades.
Help us overcome the Democrats' liberal billionaire by making your contribution and emailing five friends today! [link]

One billionaire liberal, George Soros, has already pledged $25 million to get these efforts off the ground. Soros even said that President Bush reminds him of the Nazis.

Soros got another billionaire leftist, Peter Lewis, an ardent advocate of hard drugs, to promise $12 million as a down payment. Their goal is to raise over $400 million to defeat the President and they're halfway there.

To beat these billionaire liberals, we need your help today [Link]!

Please, will you send the Bush re-election campaign $25, $50, $75, $100 or whatever you can afford to give today? You can give by using the campaign's secure online donation form at: [Link]

Whatever way you can, please contribute today.

There's one more thing you can do to help the President overcome the smears and invective of the Democrats. We want to reach our goal of 450,000 grassroots contributors to the President's campaign by December 31st. Will you forward this email to five friends with your personal request to join you in supporting the President?


Howard Dean compared President Bush to the Taliban and calls him "the enemy" and "despicable."

Dick Gephardt calls the President "a miserable failure" and the worst President he's ever worked with.

John Kerry compared President Bush to Saddam Hussein, called for "regime change" and accused him of fraud.

Joe Lieberman said President Bush is a "segregationist," compared him to "a felon" and called the Administration "nearly as dangerous" as Iraqi terrorists.

We have 11 months until the election and Democrats are just getting warmed up! They are making this one of the nastiest, vicious and negative campaigns in history.

That'd be hard to do. The 1988 Bush campaign was pretty appalling, but nothing beats the 2000 campaign by his son, unless you want to count the last four years, which have been one big nasty campaign.
Democrats are reduced to personal slams on our President and outright lies about his record because they lack a positive agenda and hate -- hate -- what he has done for America.

He has restored dignity and honor to the White House.

"Outright lies." Of course, there's not a single "lie" listed here, but that's okay, the RNC has already made plenty of lies up and have more to come, I'm sure. As to "personal slams", they generate them so quickly it's hard to keep up. And as to "dignity and honor", well, sorry, but you have to be really, really stupid to believe that.

But yes, we hate what George Bush has done to America. We hate the destruction of our economy, our Constitution, and our standing in the world. Because we're Americans and we love our country.

President Bush has led America with moral clarity and purpose and strength in the War against Terrorism.
With the simple black & white blindness of a 15-year-old, actually, and what he's done is make a complete mess of fighting terrorism. The world has become a much more dangerous place under George W. Bush.
The President provided the leadership necessary to cut taxes and restore economic growth.

President Bush's reforms are making America a more compassionate society where no child is left behind.

Former Governor Bush has provided the moral laxity of giving away the store to his wealthy friends and benefactors while gutting education and medical care for children.
But that positive record ... the President's strong values ... his character and integrity and vision ... that all may not matter.


We can turn back this venomous assault from rage-filled Democrats and overcome the hateful efforts of multi-millionaire liberals to pervert the election process ...

But we need your support to do that. Please, will
you give $25, $50, $75, or what ever you can afford by using our secure online page [Link] or by mailing in our online form with your personal check. Whatever method you choose, please respond today.


The angry, bitter Democrats smearing our President ... the billionaire liberals who will bend the rules to win ... the Democrat soft money groups .. all hope you say "no" or let this important request pass without your taking action.

I love the way they make it sound like no rich person has ever given money to the Republicans - or, for that matter - like "angry, bitter" right-wingers have not been poisoning the landscape for decades now. Rhetoric like this is, of course, intended to convey the idea that the Democratic Party is the party of wealthy, sleazy, corrupt donors, while the Republicans are pure. And they are doing this on behalf of a candidate whose principle virtue is and has always been that he can depend on enormous support from the wealthiest people and largest corporations in the world - and he can depend on them because they know he will cut their taxes and line their pockets with our tax money in return.
But you understand how important it is to America that we keep this President, his leadership, his values, his character, on the job, working for us for another term. Please make your contribution of what ever you can afford today and email five friends and ask them to join this important effort. It is vital to our country, our President. I know he will be grateful.


Marc Racicot
Bush-Cheney '04

I'm sure Marc Racicot knows that Bush will barely know those people exist, and if he thinks of them at all, he laughs at how gullible they are.
PS: The Wall Street Journal reported that George
Soros views "America as the gravest threat to world freedom." Help us overcome this liberal billionaire that is clearly out of touch with real America. Please make your contribution to the President's campaign today and ask five friends to join you in this important effort. With your help, I know we will reach our goal.


Absolutely shameless.