Thursday, February 26, 2004

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program

The Sideshow's provider does seem to have things back together again. I hadn't realized that some things that appeared to have posted before the page went dark hadn't actually proliferated. But it's all there now, and that's the main thing....

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The race/sex card

Nice catch by Hesiod at Counterspin Central:

GEORGE W BUSH IS A RACIST AND A SEXIST: Pretty strong allegations, I know. But I am just applying Republican criteria.

What do I mean?

Well, remember when the Republicans kept whining about how the Democrats in the Senate were "racists," and "sexists," because they refused to confirm Judge Priscilla Owen and Judge Miguel Estrada to the Federal Courts of Appeals?

I certainly do.

And applying that same standard makes George W. Bush a racist and a sexist. How do I come to this conclusion?

Because neither Judge Owen or Judge Estrada were given recess appointments to the bench. You'd think, based upon GOP whining and hand-wringing, that they would be the administration's top priorities.

But conservative, white males, Charles Pickering and William Pryor were the ones who got recess appointments instead.

Art & Politics

The Propaganda of William Safire, by David Corn.

Making Light on some astroturf, Ashcroft, her mother the terrorist, and Elmore Leonard?s ten rules for writers.
Sports and entertainment

Throw rocks at boys and watch a drawing take shape (via The Biomes Blog).

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Stuff I wanted to post today

But I still can't FTP to The Sideshow, so here it is.

Tonight is apparently the last chance to hear The Mike Malloy Show on i.e.america. What a bummer.

Talk Left reports that a grand jury in Palm Beach has issued a "a scathing report" on the privatized girls prisons in Florida, and has this: How many times does this go on when and no one finds out? A high school principal has admitted planting marijuana on a student he suspected of using the drug.. Plus, a powerful reminder that children can and do sometimes make false accusations that can ruin lives. On a lighter note, a pointer to the Sex & the City quiz. (I am 40% Carrie. Well, no surprises there.)

Digby on Kerry's appeal to Democrats.

Barefoot And Naked explains that the Texas redistricting has two important goals. One is stated openly in analysis by congressional aide Joby Fortson, who said: "This has a real national impact that should assure that Republicans keep the House no matter the national mood." The other is an attempt to silence Rep. Martin Frost, the most important Democrat in Texas. He has a real chance to win his race, though, and maybe you can help.

As mentioned earlier at The Sideshow, George Bush has admitted that he ducked service in Vietnam. He also did so more recently on Meet the Press. But now, Marc Racicot, chairman of Bush's campaign, is claiming that Bush volunteered to go to Vietnam. Yeah, right. Josh Marshall has details and wonders if anyone is going to ask questions about this latest lie. (Also: Look, folks, the only thing about Nader's campaign that matters is how it diminishes what's left of his reputation. It's not an issue in the race. No one supports him. Hell, even Noam Chomsky is telling people to vote for the Democrat. And Michael Berube says we should file him away with LaRouche.)

Speaking of Berube, check out his posts responding to continuing right-wing claims that the presence of non-right-wing professors in academe, something-or-other.

Life happened: If you want someone to be a successful on radio, you don't get TV stars or politicians, you get radio guys. Ed Schultz was a successful conservative talk radio jock, and then life happened to him and he moved to the left. Then he became even more successful in his market - in North Dakota. Esquire has the story.

Monday, February 23, 2004

The webhost for The Sideshow is upgrading their web servers this morning, in case anyone is wondering where I went.

Meanwhile, here's my latest DNO article.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Service restored

BT wuz here and fixed the phones. God, what a relief!

Friday, February 13, 2004

Daily News Online

There's this other thing I'm doing called Daily News Online. Fortunately, I had e-mailed an article for it to someone else to post on the grounds that my computer kept crashing. My computer seems to be working now, but since I still can't get online, I still can't upload to The Sideshow but here's my article about LatinAmericanizing the US.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Live from an Internet cafe!

Yesterday I discovered that both of my phone lines were dead. BT admits it's a problem on the network and not me. I think it's those guys that were digging on the street just down the road.

BT promised they would send an engineer by....


So I can post here from the local Internet cafe, but I can't post to the Sideshow from here. *sigh*