Friday, November 19, 2004

I see going out didn't make the world change

Free-Online still hasn't responded to my wailing, so The Sideshow is still down.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of pages I found in my referrers tonight:

Andrew Tobias linked the Dwight Meredith page I have up at The Sideshow Annex, Just For The Record, in a piece called Duccio di Borealis explaining that Democrats are better than Republicans at handling the economy. But I went over to his front page where he has a good Thomas Oliphant article up, on The Gay Marriage Deception, pointing out that the laws in question ban a great deal more than gay marriage (which is why they are unlikely to survive court challenges) and talking a bit more generally about how this is Bush's MO.

I also found GratisNet, which doesn't appear to have permalinks for entries but also liked Dwight's "Just For The Record" enough to cache the page at their site, and had some interesting entries on the front page. I was particularly interested in this one:
Salem witch trials ahead? 11-14-04
Last week, on ABC News This Week with George Stephanopoulos, James Dobson was asked about his comment to an Oklahoma City newspaper that "Patrick Leahy is a 'God's people-hater.' I don't know if he hates God, but he hates God's people," when Stephanopoulos remarked that it seemingly was not a Christian thing to say about the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee. Dobson questioned whether Stephanopoulos should "lecture me on what a Christian is all about?"

It is fairly obvious that someone needs to lecture Dobson on what it means to be a Christian, for it is more than obvious that, if he ever knew what it meant, his recent words and deeds indicate he has lost the knowledge.

Meanwhile, I have fired off a few more grumpy words to my provider but have given up hope of hearing from them tonight.

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