Friday, November 19, 2004

Links to ponder

What does the right-wing have that we don't have? Sugar Daddies for the cause. How else could someone like David Horowitz make a living?

How Boring was Bill Clinton's book? Despite what you've heard from some quarters, some of its most "boring" sections are fascinating, and could help Democrats learn how to talk across the divide, according to Bob Somerby.

At The Mahablog, a suggestion for an ad campaign for Radio Free Heartland, so those red-staters will learn what's happening to their health care.

Jeralyn recommends: 8th Circuit Senior Judge Donald Lay has an op-ed in the New York Times today, Rehab Justice. He argues for federal drug courts, like those in the state system. Also, another way Iraq is like Vietnam: Judge to Drug Defendant: Jail or Join Military.

Ruy Teixeira says that alleged rise in Bush's popularity among Hispanic voters doesn't fly once you look at the figures. (Actually, none of the figures make any sense once you look at them. But you knew that, right?)

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